Few days didn't update my blog. Was busy preparing exam and camping in library. Still got lots to read. Later need to seat for Japanese paper, but it's OK, not that worry, because I S/U it already. Still got 3 more lecture notes to cover for Accounting. For Industrial Organization, it is the most headache module of the semester. Although I have finish reading all the notes, but still not full understand yet. For Business law and Uran and Transport Economics, same as Accounting, 3 more lecture notes to go. Last paper is also another hardcore, lots of lots of notes and journal to read. it's a open book paper... Wondering whether I have time to flip and flip and flip on that day...sigh.... 1 more assignment need to due on this coming Friday....Sien....


13/11/08 - Japanese Level 4
17/11/08 - Accounting
19/11/08 - Industrial Organization and Business Law
20/11/08 - Urban and Transport Economics
24/11/08 - Political Economics