A New Day Has Come

Finally, no more exam, yeah, it's FINALLY!!!!

But the paper jsut now kinda f*** up la. It was an open book paper. Tutor said that the answer is all inside. But, there is 1 question, I can not even find it in all the journal. It's not I din read the journal, it's just that we din even learn that topic!!

The Asian Financial Crisis started in Thailand with the collapse of the Thai baht in July 1997. Between 1992 and 1997, Thailand saw seven prome ministers within five years. In November 2006, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh became the 22nd Prime Minister of Thailand after his party formed a coalition government with six minor parties. He was soon replaced by Chuan Leekpai in December 1997 who also had a shaky lineup of a six-party coalition and 12 independent defectors from a 7th parth. In what way did Thailand's political structure (fragile coalition governments and frequent changes in administrations) limit the government's ability to prevent the financial crisis before it happened and to respond effectively to the crisis after its outbreak?"

Yea, this was the question. I know this needs lots of implication but come on, even normal "search-and-copy" open book paper already not enough time, but now still need to "search-and-copy-imply"? Some more need to write 2 pages (cause this is only half of the question) IN ORDER TO GET AN AVERAGE MARK? What the heck?

This paper was screw up, totally not enough time. ARGH!!!!!

But, who cares... Exam is over...ITS OVER!!!

What I am gonig to do now is enjoy my life....

Oh yea....woosh...ENJOY MY LIFE!!! :P