Some Random Post..., I mean yesterday (Since tat its after 12), a group of Japanese from Japanese association were invited to NTU to perform Onikenbai (鬼剣ばい). There were here to promote the Japanese culture and at the same time promote about Yokoso Japan. It's some thing like Cuti Cuti Malaysia, to encourage people visit Japan. The dance was quite interesting, especially their costum.

I had receive another post card from Ariel. I received 3 post card recently, 1 from stockholm, Sweden; 1 from Hong Kong; and another 1 from Glasgow, Scottland. Thanks guys, I love those postcard.

The yellow color 1 is from Sweden, the scenery postcard is from Scottland and another 1 is from HK.

To Hin Fei: When am I going to receive a postcard from Finland??

Recently, I am kinda stress up for the exam. Realise that there are still many to catch up, and there are still 1 more assignment to due before next Friday. Life in library is not really fun. With all the muggers around, it makes me even more stress.

  • I wan to go Marche again
  • I wish to see my family in like NOW
  • I wan to sleep whole day like no body business
  • I wan to go Kuishinbo
  • I wan to cook my favourite dish
  • I cant wait to go caroling around
  • I just wan to go out, go out and GO OUT!!
Sien... Why students' life are so tough???


Rhyn~ said...

hahaha, tengseng! you know life as student is tough, but we can always look forward for the holiday!! hehe^^ just realized that ur blog has a lot of entries about food nyummy~

long time never see u leh, how's lice? how's choir? ahh, i missed u all... huhu, next year i hope i can still join leh..


ViNcenT said...

hahaha....yup, hope to see u there. =)