Europe Trip: 9th stop - Newcastle, UK

After spending 3 days in London, I took a bus that I had booked earlier and head up to Newcastle to meet with a secondary school's classmate - Phan Shean, a friend who are going to graduate from 1 of the university in Newcastle. The bus was the lousiest bus ever, althought it is super duper cheap. To and fro from London cost me only 14 pounds. The bus was even lousier that the bus that we took from Singapore to KL. I couldn't feel the air cond along the journey! As you know, the sun set in UK is at about 10PM. So, along the way, you can feel the sun and at the same time you couldn't feel the air cond, can you imagine how HOT is it? WTH!!!

So, this is Phan Shean

It took me about 7 hours to reach Newcastle. I reached there at about 10 something in the evening. Phan Shean picked me up from the bus station and head back to his house. His room was kinda neat and nice. We spent the whole night chit chatting and watching movies.

The next day was a rainy day, SIEN! We only got to go out for a while to look at the Newcastle city area, a castle and a art gallery. The art gallery was awesome. Everything was so artistic. After that, I suggested to go home, because it's kinda sien to travel under the rain and that day was so cold, it had reached 10 degree celcius, yes, its 10 degree celcius in SUMMER! Super duper cold, I rather online or sleep at home. After we reach home for a while, it started to rain heavily, phew...luckily we reached home. Phan Shean said that, in Europe, its hard to see thunder and it seldom rain heavily, and guess what he said? He said that I brought bad luck to Newcastle. WTH, =.=" That evening, we "tapao" fish and chips in 1 of the restaurant nearby for our dinner. The portion was damn big!! I couldn't even finish it!! Phan Shean said that he always divide it into 2 meals...

Some pictures that I took during the 1st day in Newcastle

The next day was drizzling, but I insisted that I wan to go out NO MATTER what, evil hor, hehe. I went to Alnwick Castle, which is the castle where the movie "Harry Potter" was shooting. It needs about 1 and a half hour bus ride from Newcastle's city area. Guess what, Phan Shean himself also din go that castle before although he had stayed in Newcastle for 4 years. =.=" Luckily it doesn't rain any more when we were about to reach,wee!!! The castle was AWESOME. The scenery is really really nice. We took a lot of pictures while we are in the castle.

Some pictures that I took in Alnwick Castle

I left Newcastle the next morning and head back to London. Luckily the bus this time was much better, I can really feel the air cond. Haha, although I din do much things or travel alot in Newcastle, but I don enjoy the weather there and the time that I spent with my ex class mate. =)