Europe Trip: 10th stop - London, UK (Part 2)

After visitted Phan Shean in Newcastle, I took the same bus back to London (no choice, bought the ticket d). This time, the bus was better, I can really FEEL the air cond along the way. I purposely came back on Monday, so that I can go out with my aunt again the next day, cause my aunt's off day is on Tuesday.

I met my aunt the next day in the city area. This time we purposely went out earlier because occording to her, that day we will shop like crazy,hehe. We went to quite a lot of places, but I don really remember where is it except Picadilly Circus. What I remember is, we just keep shopping and buying stuffs,hehe. She bought some goods for my relatives such as sport shoe, watch, shirt, bla bla bla... Of course, she also bought me a shirt and a pair of shoe. Haha, you will not wnat to know the price of that shoe, cause it's damn ex!!! But never mind, not my money... *wink*. That day we went back to my uncle place kinda late, super tired!!

Our lunch + Tea time

The next day, I continue my journey according the the "London original walk" that I had downloaded from the internet. That day, I visitted a navvy museum, both London and Tower bridge and St Katherine Dock. Among all this places, I love Tower Bridge and St Katherine Dock the most. I like the history behind this 2 "building". And of course, what I like the most is their out look. It's really impressed me. That day I went back to my uncle's place slightly earlier, maybe tired of walking and travelling?? =p

Took these pictures at the Tower Bridge