Europe Trip: 7th stop - Linz, Austria

So, after Innsbruck, we took the morning train to the destination that we wanted to go. Davin is not joining me to Linz, because he said that he need to go back to Vienna to buy some souvenir before he head back to Singapore the next day. For me, my destination is Linz, because I had bought a flight ticket from Ryanair to fly to London from this place the next evening. So, I willl be traveling ALONE in Linz.

Once I reach Linz, the 1st thing I did was check in to the hostel. This is the most expensive hostel I stayed for my whole Europe trip. If I didn;t remember wrongly, it cost me 40.90 Euro for 1 night. No choice, that's the only hostel available at that time. They gave me a room which has 3 bed inside, so that night, I was sleeping alone with 3 bed, shiok...hehe...

Basically, Linz is a small town with some nice scenery and buildings. It actually nothing much. But I do took quite a lot of pictures of those nice and historical buildings. That evening, after i bought some souvenir and arrange all of the transport that I need to go to the airport the next day, I left around 50 Euro. S0 What I did was use the money to satisfy my stomach,yum yum yum... I tried the pasta at a restaurant named "Bug's Bunny" and tried the ice cream fruit salad at the shop opposite, it was nice!!!

The next day, I had another buffet lunch at 1 of the western restaurant after shopping for the whole morning. It was nice and quite cheap. After that, I took a bus to Linz's airport and flew to London. =) Will update about London during the next post. =)

Some nice pictures that I took in Linz

My dinner!!!!


Anonymous said...

Linz - a small city?
Yes it's not big but it's
the 3rd biggest city in Austria.