Europ Trip: 8th stop - London, UK, next stop is LONDON!!!

If I didn't remember wrongly, I reached London at about 6 something in the evening. The sky are still bright. I was deciding whether I should take the train from Stansted Airport to Walton-on-Thames, which is the place that my uncle staying or taking a bus to Victoria Station. But when you look at their train map, you will have a lot of stars coming out from your head, because they has "too-many-line" in London and around London: underground, bakerloo line, picadilly line, bla bla bla... So, I chose to take a direct bus from Stansted Airport to Victoria station, then only I take train to Walton-on Thames. I reached my uncle's place at around 10 something in the evening, wth!! But, the sky just look like 7:30PM in Singapore. =)

My uncle worked as the main cheft in 1 of the restaurant in Walton-on Thames, so, most of them are staying together in their "hostel", which is a house located near to the restaurant. The boss was nice enough to allowed me to stay there, wee... Can save more on accomodation and food (uncle provide mer, he cook 1 le...),haha... Although their hostel are quite messy, but then still OK la, the people there are nice, free some more, what to complain??

The next day, which is a Tuesday, is my aunt and uncle's "off day". FYI, my aunt and uncle doesn't work at the same place. So, my uncle brought me to China Town to met my aunt. China Town is the one-and-only-place that my uncle know how to go alone in London, funny right? haha.. That day, they brought me around Picadilly Circus which is a 1 of the shopping area in London. We saw a lot of tourist along the street. There are a lot of "quite cheap" and interesting souvenir shop, food and beverages, fashion, jewelly... We also went SOHO, the red light area of London. People there are really much more open than us, those sex and gay magazine will just place there and for you to take for free, every 1 will just do their own stuffs without bothering who walk forward and take those magazine. If you do the same thing in Malaysia or Singapore, people will just stare at u d... That day we didn't buy any thing, according to my aunt's evil plan, she wants to buy it on the following Tuesday, when my uncle not around, so that he wont nag at her,haha...

The Picture tha I took at China town and around Picadilly Circus

For the next 2 days, I just went out and explore London city alone. Luckily there are lots of information available online, and I found a very useful guide show me all the way to walk from Westminster to the Trinity house. The 1st stop was Houses of Parliament, London Eye, London County Hall, The London Aquarium, St. Paul Catheral... Seriously, that 2 days was Not enough for me to explore every thing that had listed down in the guide. Because I normally will come out to the city after I had my brunch in my uncle's place and some of the place that I wan to explore, such as art gallery will close at about 6PM. So yea, that 2 days, I only explored 2/3 of the places listed in the guide. =)
In the London Aquarium
The London Eye

The Parliament

Nice right?

Queen Elizabeth Hall

Gabriel's Wharf

I took this myself. =)
St. Paul Catheral
My dinner that evening...

Guess what, that evening was the 1st day that the movie HANCOCK show London's cinema. After my dinner, I sw Will Smitch was in the park in front of this Fish and Chips restaurant.Of course, lots of his fans were there too... =) That's all for that 2 days.


kanki said...

you should see Budapest's parliament!