Dish of the day: Omelette

Ingredient: 3 eggs, bacon, mushroom and cheese

Step 1: Cut all the food into slices

Step 2: Cook all the ingredient except cheese into the frying pan and fry it

Step 3: Put all the ingredient that you had fried just now aside

Step 4: Mix the eggs with some tomato sauce, pepper and salt

Step 5: Fry the egg. *Caution: Must "take care" of the fire if you doesn't want to eat BLACK egg

Step 6: After frying the egg for a while, put all the ingredient that you had fried before this on the egg. After a while, put the cheese on the surface of your omelette

Step 7: Put it on a plate. You can serve it with some mayonaise and chili sauce

To Hin Fei, mine is omelette, yours is not lo. Yours is "messy fried egg",haha....


HinFei said...

Mine one is oso ommelette but different structure j

j0nAthAn said...

TS, ur one didn't seems to be very 'neat' oso. =.="

ViNcenT said...

At least better than Hin Fei what. Mine not very neat is because of there are many "liao" on top. His 1 is any how fried...haha...