HK-Macau Trip: Day 5

For day 5, we had a day trip in Macau before heading back to KL at 7pm. At 1st our flight should be at 5pm, but it had delay. Luckily the Air Asia informed me before lunch, so that we can request for a longer day trip from the tour guide.

Our day trip started at about 11am. At 1st, we went to a temple (temple again), and after that, the tour guide brought us to Macau's most famous church, but I forgot what's the name,haha. After that, he brought us to a shop to buy some of the Macau's local food.

Honestly, Macau is nothing much, you can go and explore all the places yourself, because the place is kinda small. We a bit regreted to go under the travel agent. Although the Macau day trip was not that satisfying, I still took a lot of pictures. =)

with my mum outside the famous temple of Macau

outside the "church"

The view from the church

Nice egg tart, very famous in Macau