Europe Trip: 2nd stop - Olomouc, Czech Republic

After staying for a night in Vienna, we felt not as tired as the day before. The breakfast in Airo Tower Hotel was satisfying. After the breakfast, we went to Olomouc which is in Czech Republic with the bus that we had booked earlier. The bus in Europe are big, nice and comfortable.

took these pictures when we are on the way to Olomouc

took this with Ariel while we are rest half way of the journey

We saw alot of nice scenery, houses, flowers along the way. What i surprise about the journey is, there are not much high way from Vienna to Olomouc. The journey took about 4 hours, but I think it is reachable in 2 hours if the have a high way from Vienna to Olomouc. It was raining when we reached Olomouc,sien!!! But no choice, we still need to go to the office that in charge of the competition right after we checked in to our hotel/hostel to do our registration. For this 5 days 4 night in Olomouc, 5 of us are staying seperated for the rest of the members. We are staying in hostel insetad of hotel, cause I wanna pay cheaper. The room was not that satisfying because it is quite squeezy. 5 of us are supposingly staying in 2 rooms, but due to the reason that the hostel looks cripy, 5 of us squeeze in a room. Surprisingly, it is still "squeez-able".

After the registration, we met our tour guide for the 5 days in Olomouc, Katerina, which is the best tour guide ever. I think she is better than some of the full time tour guide, such as our tour guide in Bratislava,hehe. Katerina brought us to most of the nice churches in Olomouc as well as some of the historical building and monument. She explained it very well. Other than that, she also aoompany us for all of our big and small performance as well as our competition. That 5 days in Olomouc was really excited, other than competition, we still need to meet the mayor, perform in front of people from different countries, practises and socialize with other choir from different countries!

the monument of "the trinity"

Hercules in Olomouc

Nice church in Olomouc, but I forgot the name

Another church in Olomouc

The second largest pipe organ in Europe

Nice scenery on top of the church

I took this myself, nice right? Pro right? hehe...

With our instructor, on top of the church

For those who are studying in NTU, you should know why am I taking this picture right?

Yo!!! jump higher

Our messy room

Some of the food in Olomouc are quite nice, but some are not. Especially the bread that we will have for every meal, it sucks. Luckily it is not the main course. We ate lots of fried food that few days, but our throat still OK, thank GOD! Most of the meal, Chin Yuan will keep complaining: "Why it is fried har"..why this why that, no wonder we call him AUNTY YUAN,haha... The alcohol there are very cheap, but, we are not allowed to drink until our competition is over, because it will hurt our throat.

some of the food we ate in Olomouc

the weirdest bread ever, hard and sour

I like this picture very much!!

We performed twice durign that 5 days. 1st one was during the 2nd day we were in Olomouc. We performed 3 songs out of 4 songs that we use for our competition. The next day, we were invited once again to perform. That night we performed the same songs with our costum. Why are keeping 1 song? Haha, because that's our "weapon". That is a folklore from Taiwan, which is a song that not much people heard it, and it sounds nice. And the 4th day in Olomouc was our competition. We were quite panic the day before the competition especially after watching Victoria School performance that night. Their performance are good, and, they are in the same category as us, meaning that we have to compete with them..Argh!!!! Mm...what do you think about the result? Will update more during the next post. ^^

After that 5 days in Olomouc, before going to Bratislava, Katerina send us off form the hotel. She cried, and some of the choir member cried as well. No doubt, she is really a good and caring tour guide. But luckily, she gave us her MSN, at least we can still keep in touch. =)