Europe Trip: 4th stop - Vienna, Austria

The choir's flight on that day was 3:30pm. We think that there are plenty of times before the flight. Therefore, we decided to go to the Schonbrunn which is 1 of the most important culcural monument in Vienna.

Schonbrunn is a very big and nice palace. We visited each room in the palace, it was really grand and nice. There are a lot of painting on the wall of each room. Behind the palace, there is a big and beautiful garden which had a lot of different monument around. We took a lot of nice pictures, not only nice, but crazy as well.
Acting as if we are singing
Posting at the garden
At the rose garden in Schonbrunn
Posting in front of the fountain, we look alike right? hehe
Jump up HIGH!!!
The garden behind us looks nice right?

The choir gathered at 12:30pm because their flight is 3:30pm and they planned to had their lunch in the airport. So, from this time onwards, Davin and me will be travelling on our own. We are backpacking in Austria, yeah!!! I was really excited because this is the 1st time I am travelling so far and with only 1 friend around.

1st of all, we decided to put our luggage at the hostel that we had booked which is in Hutterdolf. The hostel was quite nice, although we need to share with another 3 people for that 2 nights, but it was comfortable. Our "roommates" were nice. After checking in, we walked around the city, taking pictures of the buildings. Coincidently, EURO2008 was at the period. There was a big TV and a lot of facilities had been located at a big garden to let every 1 gathered and watch each of the EURO2008 football competition, it was really cool.

We went to the Naschmarkt and the St. Charles's Church as well. Naschmrkt is 1 of the market in that area. Their market is very different with ours. There are a lot of restaurant and cheese shop in the market. Their fruints and vegetables looks nice, the color is slightly different with what we see here. St. Charles's Church is 1 of the place that you must go if you are travelling in Vienna. It is a very big church with a lot of mural and painting from the bottom to the ceiling of the church. We are allowed to take the lift to the top and see the painting on it. It was amazing.

After that, we went to the St. Stephen's Church once again at 8 something in the evening. Europe's summer is really interesting. The sun rise at about 4 something in the morning and the sun set is about 8 something in the evening. Therefore, we still can see the beautiful sunset in front of the St. Stephen's Church.
Our lunch in Naschmarkt
The tomatoes look so nice!!
Nice lavender at the road side
Nice right?
St. Charles's Church
The inner part of St. Charles's Church
The pipe organ in St. Charles's Church
Nice mural at the ceiling of the church
mural again....
Davin and me...
Art gallery in St. Charles's Church
Another picture1 of the museum that we saw when we jalan jalan in Vienna
EURO 2008!!!
Nice building~~~
They looks very different right?

The next day, Anthony, who left earlier from the choir trip met us is Vienna. He is staying the same hostel as us. After he checked in, we went to the Schonbrunn once again, for the sake of Anthony,haha. We did not spend as much time as the day before, because we didn't enter the musuem that we went the day before. After that, we went to the Mozart's grave that is located quite far from the city area. The grave was nice and simple. After that, we headed to 1 of the theme park in Vienna, for the sake of Davin, haha. Anthony and me din play much in that theme park, we only took a fairy wheels ride (of course, for the sake of Davin). Most of the time, only Davin is the 1 enjoying himself. =P

With ton in SchonbrunnAnother picture with TonNice ice cream at the cafe in SchonbrunnMozart's grave

The place that we went for the sake of Davin
Taking pictures in the theme park

After that, we headed back to the city area and have our dinner. We went to the Cafe Sacher to eat their chocolate cake. This is the place that 1st created the chocolate cake. Now only I knew that chocolate cake was created in Austria,haha. We tried their chocolate cake, apple struddels and cheese struddels, it was really nice. I even ordered a soup for my self, it was nice and creamy. After that, we went to another shop to try their Carbonara, it was really nice. Their spaghetti is so much different with what we have here.
1 of the toilet in their train station
Cheese strudels in Cafe Sacher
Nice apple strudels
The chocolate cake that I mentioned
Forgot he name of the soup, but it was damn nice
Took this picture when we jalan jalan after our dinner
This picture was took by a man who came from LA

After walking around for some times, we headed back to our hostel and get prepared to our next destination the next day. =)


kanki said...

wah u very enjoy le...

eat eat eat like no need $$$.

we saved until eat kebab everyday in vienna u feast everyday!!!

btw, we had the nicest ice cream at only 1.80 EUR near that Stephenplatz Cathedral!

ViNcenT said...

I know where is it la...just opposite that stall mer...cause the outlook not so special, thats why i din take the picture of that ice cream.