Europe Trip: The Competition

So, like what I said, the day before the competition, we performed once with our costum. And that night, we watched Victoria School's competition and their performance was shocking, they sounded really nice. We were quite stress and panic after their performance. Of course, that night we doesn't have much practises because Mr. Yong said that we need to rest well and save our voice for the next day, which is our competition. He wanted us to sleep early because our competition is in the morning, which is 9:40am.

Once we reached our room, we prepared the stuffs and the costum that we need to bring quickly because we knew that we doesn't have much time. Melvyn went to Penzion Best that night because the girls need his help on their sarong the next morning. I hardly fall asleep that night, but I still force myself to sleep. I knew that I shouldn't worry about anything, what I need to do is do my best the next day.

We woke up early in the morning the next day. As i remember, it is about 5 something. We had our breakfast and gathered at Penzion Best together with the choir members. That morning was super messy. Every 1 is running here and there, preparing their costum, asking each other to pin their batik(for guys) and sarong(for girls) properly, asking each other whether they looks good, bla bla bla.... We does not have much time because we still need to practise and warm up for the last time before our competition. We also helped the girls to poke their "hair clip". It was really hard to poke in, because once you poke in, you can see how pain is it from their face expression. But no choice, we stil have to POKE~~~~ Pity the girls.

After 1 hour of practise and warm up, we walked to the city hall. I was really gan jiong at that moment, this is the 1st time I went for a international competition. 9:40am, yea, it's our time to be on stage. We entered the folklore category. The 1st song was Pasigin, a Philipino folk song. It's about the "fishing life" in Philipine. The 1st song was great. 2nd song is "Diu Diu Dang Nga", a Taiwanese folk song, which is the song that we did not perform 2 days before this, and surprisingly, we sounded nice as well, because this song is kinda hard to sing. 3rd song was O Inani Keke, an Indonesian folk song, as usual, it sounded nice. Last song was Yamko Rambe, an Indonesian tribal song, and it was disappointed. It was not as good as we expected maybe because we were lack of support (on our diaphragm) throughout the song and some of the notes was not stable enough.

Our Costume

The girls

and the guys...

After our slot, we knew that we shouldn;t worry about anything any more. So, we just enjoyed ourselves and took lots of pictures in front of the monument of "The Trinity". After that, we changed our cloth quickly and rush to the city hall again to watched Victoria School's slot. This time, they was out of our expection. They sounded a bit weird and not as good as the day before. So, does it means that we have a higher chance to get a gold?? Who knows, the result only will be realise at 4pm that day. We watched Puerto Rico Choir's slot as well, which is the choir that sounded extraordinary good. Luckily they are not in the same category as us, or else.....

Pictures time after our slot

some children choir
The Puerto Rican

After that, we walked around, shopped around, ate around... Every thing is over, and it's time to enjoy. The time passed really fast, finally, it''s 4pm. All of us gathered in front of the city hall. The emcee announced all the winners for each category. That waiting moment was really hard to foget. We were so gan jiong, we holding each other hands and really hope that we can get the gold medal. Finally, it's our category, K2 folk songs category. The emcee had announced all the points for other choir, and then the bronze and the silver. She had announced all the choir except Victoria School's choir and ours. What had left is the gold medal and the category champion. For your information, for those choir that had exceed 90% over 100%, they will get a gold medal, and the category champion is the choir that score the highest point in that category. It means that there can be a few groups of choir with gold medal but only ONE choir can get category champion.

"The gold medal goes to Victoria school's Choir with 91%". YES!!!! The emcee announced Victoria School's choir first, means that our points are higher than them! We were shouting here and there, because we knew that the category champion is ours! "The gold medal and the category champion goes to Nanyang Technological University's Choir from Singapore with the score of 95% !!" What?!?! We are the category champion and our score is 95%? I really couldn;t believe it. We were shouting here and there, and i really couldn't control myself, the tear just came out automatically. Guess what, lots of us cried, it's because of we are really happy with the result. We had worked hard for so long, and finally we got a gold medal as well as the category champion!!! We took a lot of pictures once again with the medal and Mr. Yong. And we celebrated in the restaurant during dinner time. Mr. Yong treated each of us a beer. =)

Taking picture with our instructor, Mr. Yong

The beer that Mr. Yong treated us

Gold and Category Champion!!!

The Puerto Rican

We are really happy and satisfied with the result. We are happy for the Puerto Rico's choir as we.. They were the category champion for 3 category, and they even scored 100% over 100% for 1 of the category. Guess what, they are also the grand champion for the whole competition. Cheers to them!!!

That night, we attended the party that the organizing commitee had prepared. Althought it was not many people attended and a bit boring, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We were dancing happily and laugh the whole night. Haha, maybe because of the gold medal and category champion? Hehe....NTU CAC Choir, you guys rocks!!! =p


Ooze said...


found your blog and congratz for da prize (^_^)

anyway, do u know the meaning of the lyrics of "Yamko Rambe Yamko", since u sang that song, maybe (or it should be) u know the meaning of it, or another people in your group.

if u know please lemme know (^_^)

ViNcenT said...

Hello, by the way, may I know who are u??? Haha...I only know the story behind, but not the entire meaning of the lyrics.. =)

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