Europe Trip: 3rd Stop - Bratislava,slovakia

The Europe trip pakage that we sign up is also including a 1 day trip in Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia. This city is very near to Czech Republic as well as Vienna in Austria. I reached Bratislava around lunch time. Unfortunately, our bus driver was not that good, he do not know some of the places and road in Bratislava. So what he did is stop us some where nearby the restaurant that we are suppose to go and ask us to walk and find our way to the restaurant. And gues what, it was raining at that moment. WTH! Want us to find our own way under the rain,sien~~~

But luckily, our beloved Mr. Yong are quite familiar with the places in Bratislava, so, we found our way to the restaurant easily. After the lunch, while waiting for our tour guide in Bratislava, we were having a lot of fun by "digging" Mr. Yong's history. Every one was laughing throughout the lunch time. When our tour guide came, she introduce about herself and told us some of the nice view in Bratislava, but, we can only understand like about 50% of what she said. OMG, her spoken english is quite bad.

She brought us to 1 of the palace in Bratislava, it was nothing much. After that, she brought us to the city centre of Bratislava. As usual, we don really understand what is she trying to see. Throughout the trip, no one really pay attention on her. And the way that she guide us was not professional as weel. Keep rushing us here and there, want us to walk faster, din give enough time for us to see around, bla bla bla... That's why, we did not giver her as much tips as the tour guide before this and the bus driver. Eugene cut the amount that we are suppose to give into half, haha, blame herself lo.

After she left, we walked around in the city area. Of course, we took a lot of nice and crazy pictures. The ice cream there is nice as well, so creamy, yumm yumm. After a walk in city area, the driver drove us to our hotel to checked in. This is the nicest hotel for the whole competition trip. The room was big and comfortable as well. I like this hotel very much, probably because of I was staying in some where which is not nice before this? Maybe...

After the dinner that evening, we get some rest. After rest, it's celebration time!! We had our post celebration for the choir competition in Ariel's room. We bought some snacks, wine, vodka.. Every one was enjoying themselves. Other than that, we even force Mr. Yong to solo in front of us, hehe... Yup, that's the day that we spent in Bratislava.

In front of the monumentAt the palaceOn top of the palace, nice right?With the altos in front of the fountainNice?In front of the Opera HouseMy shrit match with the windows right? haha...I also donno what we are trying to doGo, kick his asssss....Cheezeeeee.....Jump up HIGH!!!Vegetable soup before the dinnerAnd...Dinner!!!Whie celebrating in Ariel and Siow Wei's room