HK-Macau trip: Day 4

So, for day 4, early in the morning (again), we need to get ourselves prepared and took the ferry to Macau, which is the place that have about 30 casinos. For those who likes to gamble...wink wink...

For that day, is our free and easy day, which means that we will take our own sweet time and explore around the island. It's quite easy actually because Macau is a very small island. What I remember about that day is, after lunch, we walk and shop and see and carry and eat throughout the day. My leg was super tiring, but of course, it is satisfying because i got to buy a lot of stuffs. =P

The casinos are very nice especially at night when all the lights are on. There is a very nice "gold tree" and fountain at Wynns Casino. If you have time to go to Macau, don miss it. 

so, here are some picture thatI took in Macau. You guys are lucky, cause I saved my Macau pictures in my pendrive... =)
Stanley Ho's Casino

The fantastic gold tree