HK-Macau trip: Day 3

For Day 3, we woke up kinda early....erm, like....6:30am as what i remember. Cause today we are going to "da yu san", a temple again.... This temple is a bit different, it has a big Buddha on it, and it require you to climb donno how many stair case to reach the temple. Since that I went there before, and for people lazy like me, of course, not much motive for me to go there.

The top part of "Da Yu San" Temple

But but but, I still went there....just for the sake of the vegetarian food of that temple. Haha,cause it's nice.

After that, we went for shopping, shopping and shopping! Of course, we bought a lot of stuffs. But, that's a sad incident happened. Just remember, don go "jin bao yao cai dian" that is locate in Tsim Sha Tsui!!! Don even enter to that stupid shop.

Bruce Lee

Acting cool,hehe

So, the dinner is my highlight of the day. My father's friend who is staying in hk treated us a meal. I don have the picture yet, but will update soon. So, what I ate is up to yput imagination now...What I can tell you now is, his friend spent HK3000++ for that meal... =P
Of course, that's not all the food we ate, we ate much more than that. =P

Thats all for day 3.....