HK-Macau trip: Day 2

For day 2, it was the most exciting day for my whole HK-Macau trip, cause I got to go to the Disney land that I wanted to go for many years. Although it is not as good as US's like what every 1 said, but I still like it a lot.

Early in the morning, after having Dim Sum at 1 of the hotel nearby,we went to HK's most famous temple, Wong Dai Sin. The Dim Sum was super duper hyper and quadruple NICE!!!!!!! YOu confirm feel like eating when you look at the pictures. For Wong Dai Sin, it's nothing much for me.

These are only some of the Dim Sum we ate, actually we ate a lot more!!


After a light lunch in the city area, we went to the HK Disney Land. AH!!!!!!! It was nice and fun!!!!! It was really enjoyable. You will know how enjoy am I after I upload the pictures.

Mm....will be uploading the pictures soon. Cause all my pictures are in my laptop back in SG. Now in Newcastle...hehe....

Disney Land's pictures.....

We were from this station....

to this station.

The Disney Parade....

At Tarzan's house

Lion King's musical

Sleeping Beauty's castle (at night)

Wanted to upload the fire work's video, but then cannot. Cause the file too big, couldn;t upload in Youtube. You guys can go search around, it was amazing!!! Nice!!


Anonymous said...

OMG Mickey Mouse!!! teng seng i hate u =P

ViNcenT said...

hehe.....jealous right?