Recess Week?

Aww...I just hate this recess week... Recess = No Recess...lots of things to do every day.

Last sat: 9AM dry run in LKC, by 10:30AM rush to SRC, after 2:30PM go back for choir dry run, rush back hall after the dry run, need to reach SRC again by 6:00PM but realised that they actually don need me to be there. Rush to NUS's UCC for NUS Choir Concert.

Sunday: Better, basically just to prepare the stuffs for project meeting on Monday.

Yesterday (Monday): Having choir practice at 10AM at Nanyang house piano room. Reach Can A at 12 something for 1st project meeting. Meeting up Lor and Elaynne at 3:30PM for another meeting.

Today (Tues): Arrivied Plaza Singapura before 10AM for anothe rproject meeting. And, need to attend another meeting at 7:00PM at the same place. By the way, the power socket in the KFC of Plaza Singapura sucks.

Tommorow: Will have choir rehearsal at VCH.... a never ending night...

Thursday: Meeting for FYP

Friday: Choir Practice from 9AM to 4PM

Saturday: Choir Practice from 9AM to 5PM

Sunday: Tentatively nth yet....but need to rush another assignment for Monday's Energy Econs...

Xian....what kind of recess week is this....ARGH!!!!