Just Some Random Update

So, what do we have this week? 1st is speghatti carbonara, red sauce speghetti and spicy pork + omellette. A few people complain and said that they refuce fo read my blog late night, cause my blog will cause them hungry. Sorry la, I don meant to do so, but I really love cooking very much...lol.

Yesterday was valentines day. I celebrated with lots of my friends. 1st is choir practice from 9AM to 5PM...exhausted... Now whole body muscle pain...Argh!!! Next is having steamboat at hall 3...haha, kinda fun!!! Have home made chocolate fondue with nice grapes, strawberries and peaches...

Today went out with aunties... Not bad, can relax a while after a tiring week. Bough some groceries so that I can cook again next week.. Stay tune!!