China Town + Vivo Outing

Last Sunday was the only day in the recess week that I felt ..." YEAH!!!" Because I don not need to stay in NTU prepare for my assignments or choir practice. That day, me and Siow Wei went to China Town to buy some stuffs for Cantemus 2009 at the same time, we need to cut our hair so that we will look nice on stage next Saturday. Another time, I got my hair cut for free, thanks for Uncle Alex, 1 of my father's best friend.

That day, we ate desert in China Town and lots of nice food in Marche..YES!!! My favourite all the time. We were craving for Marche for quite some last... That day, utility were maximize all the time...yes, it's all the time!! So, this are the pictures that we took in Marche that day... Yea...I only interested to take those food pictures in, this is what I can upload this time..hee.hee...