Yellowstone - Old Faithful

Just came back from 3 hours of hiking. Wanted to go to the Faries Falls, but failed. Because the track was closed because bears and bisons might be there in groups. It is dangerous for hiker to hike. Along the way, saw lot's of geysers, pine trees and dead tress. The weather was great, cooling yet not too cold. The journey was kinda far, we keep walking walking and walking. Luckily, we brought our lunch along or else, we will starve. Ended up, we realise that the journey back will be damn long if we walk back. Guess what we did? We hitch hiked. Hehe, it was fun!!! There's this very good couple fetch 5 of us back to old faithful again. Thank GOD!

These days were fun. Kept hiking and sight seeing. The scenery here really nice. It makes us relax and of course, it makes us emo too. Was emo for the pass few days, still ok. It takes time. Slowly it will be alright... Hopefully...