Finally, it's the end of my degree life in Nanyang Technological Univerty. It's time for me to work and try out something different. I still couldn't believe that this 4 years over that fast! I am still not ready to face the reality yet. There are still many uncertainty, about job, about my future, about...

There will be many things and people that I will miss. Of course, there are still things that people that I need to forget. It's time to put a "full stop" for my university life and start a new paragraph on my future, my career. I am still looking for a job. Hopefully GOD has mercy enough to give me something I like, and I want.

I will be flying off to USA this coming Sunday. I guess this is a good time for me to really think about what do I want to achieve in future. Hopefully when I come back on 25th July, I will be pretty sure on what I want to be. =)