Happy Chinese New Year To All!!!

Yo, just some updates about me. Last weekend, the NTU Rotaract Club have an outing, and our destination point is at Changi Aloha. Yep, we stayed there for 1 night. I was in charged for the food that night. Luckily, don't need to follow any of the groups for that "Amazing Race". What we (peopel in charge of food) is just to buy food, ingredients and prepare in Changi Aloha.

Of course, lots of things to carry that day, sien~ But I am kinda enjoy preparing food, marinating food, cooking food, stealing food, eating good and nice food without other division realise...haha...it's just FUN!!! Yep, here are some pictures...

Due to the stupid PHO210-Photo Imaging, I have to and force to stay in Singapore until last Saturday instead of going back to KL last Thursday. Our teacher giving us assignment topic on that day and want us to do it during the holiday and guess what, they only left 6 cameras for our class which have 15 people overall. 3 people have their own camera while the rest have to share, WTH! I planned to do it during holiday but too bad, I have to do it on Friday and pass that camera to 1 of my hall mate, cause we are sharing. And hor, that stupid film that we need to use also not available every where, I have to go down to Peninsula Plaza and buy it.... SHIT! And, luckily, I did it on time.

Came back to KL last Saturday. Guess what? My bus depart about 11:50AM and I reached KL at 6 something to 7PM. Sien! It jam along the way. I slept and woke up and slept and woke up for few times, but we still not even reach Yong Peng. It took about 3 and a half hours to reach Yong Peng...you know, only Yong Peng. That ride was sufffering...sien! But luckily, some 1 is nice eough to fetch me from KL Central back to my home sweet home...

Yep, will update more about what I did this few days back in KL...see ya...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!