^MeRry ChRistMas^

It's Christmas Day again. This year's Christmas is busy and lonely. I am still single, available and lonely after all this while....same as the Christmas last year. But the difference this, this year's Christmas had added some hatred and disppointment. Why cant poeple just do what they had promised? Why people will keep their promise from some small little thing?

Experience and lesson taught me that, do not anyhow put high expectation on a person unless you really know that person well. Some times I really do not understand how come a person can forget what they suppose to do or choose not to do some thing that is important because of some thing that is not important? It's ridiculous!!! It's our responsibility to do what he had promised. How are people going to believe us or give us important task if we are irresponsible?

This year's Christmas is busy as well. We went for many places to carol such as Yatch Club, Park Hotel, Bugis Junction, Sentosa.... It's fun! I knew lots of friend through choir camp and caroling session. It's very obvious that every 1's relationship had became better and better. And it's fun to "anyhow sing" while we are walking to MRT station after caroling session.

Although it's quite tiring, shoulder and leg quite pain, but i still enjoy it. I enjoy when see people smiling and sing along with us. Haha,quite pity Feng Xia and Chin Yuan when teaching us cause we are always out of tune. I will never forgot how Chin Yuan looks when we are out of tune. Thanks for Alicia's help as well,haha... Here ar some pictures during caroling session....

While caroling in Bugis Junction

After caroling in Bugis. ^Cheeze....^

In Carefour,Suntec

We are so "pro" right?

We wish you a Merry Christmas,we wish you a Merry Christmas......