COuSin's WeDding

On 1st of December was my cousin's wedding. Luckily my last paper is on 28th of November, so I can attend her wedding. On 30th of November, we went her house for buffet dinner and start helping her to prepare some of the necessity that she need on the next day.

Due to the reason that most of my cousin's sister friends are in Singapore and there are not much female "not-yet-marry" relatives, so, some of the handsome guy like us also have to help my cousin to be 姐妹 on 1st of December.

On the next day, we went to cousin's house early in the morning to prepare some of the materials that we need to "play" those 兄弟. It was kinda interesting,haha... They have to push up, eat the weird food that we had prepared, and do some weird stuff before they can enter to my cousin's room. Of course, the most interesting part is bargaining the ang pau that they gave.

That night we had wedding dinner ar Concourt Hotel. The flow was smooth, every thing was fine, the food are nice and of course the bride was pretty. I felt happy that my cousin was smiling happily whole night. Best wishes to both of you lo. =)

secocok right?

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