NTU CAC Choir Cantemus 2013: Belonging

It has mark to an end of NTU choir annual concert with Iresh Blessing. It's a meaningful song which I don get to sing on the stage during the concert day due to my company's DND. What a missed! This year's concert was good, although its not a full house concert, although the songs weren't perfect. Its because I did see a strong bonding among the members due to the concert.

It reminds me of every one from choir 07/08 and 08/09. It was memorable. I miss singing with them. This year, whenever we are practicing Halu, the song draw back lots of sweet memories that I have with the choir.

Thank Mr. Yong for allowing me to join the NTU choir in year 2007, I know that I nearly failed the audition. Thank him again for letting me to join the main choir even after I have graduated from NTU. I know I'm not as good as others, but at least it gave me the opportunity to do what I like, do what I am passionate in and knowing many incredible people from different batches.

Competition will be held in June. It's time to practice like no body's business again, just like what we've did in year 2008. May God bless us again in getting category champion just like what he did previously.