Bangkok day 2

The day started with a decent breakfast at our hotel. We are staying in Bangkok City Inn. Nice, clean, friendly staffs and most importantly is, near to the main shopping area and cheap!

We headed to china town after our breakfast to try my long waited shark fin soup and bird nest. Ya, I know it's bad to eat the shark fin but I just want to try it out once since that many people are complimenting it. It was nice and I love it! Kenny even had a bird nest with coconut milk.

China town is happening, many people from all over the world, many cheap souvenirs and interesting stuffs that you can hardly see it at the other part of the world. But what bad is, it sells mostly girl's stuffs, which is =.='''

After that, we headed back to the area nearby our hotel and have another round of shopping, yeay!! I didn't buy as many stuffs as the girls, I got myself 3 T shirts, a pair of cute pillow case for my parents and a bag for my sister.

We had a nice thai dinner after that. Sorry that I was too hungry and forgot to take the pictures of the foods. Foods was nice and again, cheap! Next, we headed to chit lom Mrt too meet up my friend who is working there since few months back, Sein Chyi!! Never hang out with her for some times. Really happy to see her again. She brought us to a nice restaurant at thong lor soi 16. The food was superb!

I really enjoyed myself yesterday and of course I'm glad too meet up again with a close friend. ~