Choir Camp 2008

Last week (1st to 5th of Dec), was NTU CAC Choir's camp 2008! That 5 days was kinda fun, although it quite tiring cause we need to sing sing sing and sing for 5 days, CONTINUOUSLY.

Can see that the bonding among the members have been strengthen. From day 1, we were kinda quiet, seldom talk to people from other sections. But for day 5, we were super noisy, not only to the people from the same section, but also people from other section as well. Of course, the noisiest section are still the BASSES, blek!

For that 5 days, we ate, sang and have out doors games. Experience something that is really different that 5 days because Gim Keng and I need to teach the tenors for the caroling songs and second half's songs. Kinda tough actually. Haha, now then I understand Chin Yuan's feeling last academic year..hehe.. But, I am super glad that, the tenors are trying their very best to learn, this is what I am really proud of!

Of course, not forgetting the stupid sketch that we performed on the last day of the camp. Thanks to ms Chloe and Lucinda, force us to wear skirt. Hehe...but, Bravo to Eugene...he is damn good in acting. :P

Here are some pictures of the choir camp, enjoy!!
The Choir Commettee 08/09
Nice right??
The tenors... of course there are still afew more people who couldn't attend the photo taking session
The Tenors..
The choir
Taking picture on top of SADM
The unglam picture =.='''
Another unglam picture
With "graduated" Mel and Davin =)