4 more days to disaster...

4 more days to exam, but still not finish revising. Not every thing are fully understand. But surprisingly, this semester are not as stress as last semester. Probably it's because of I'm not taking any maths paper this sem? Or I just became more carefree?

Recently are super excited.... But not for exam, it's because of the Europe trip,haha. We discussed bout the trip quite often this week because need to confirm some details to Eugene by this week. Once I start searching through the net, I cant stop myself any more. Because I am just...SUPER EXCITED. Stop it, stop it!!! "Teng Seng, come on, you have 6 paper this sem, study!!!" This is what I always TRY TO tell myself. But, is this helps? Sonno....hehe...

15/04 - International Monetary
16/04 - Japanese Language
17/04 - E-business Management
22/04 - The Chinese Economy
23/04 - Business Finance
24/04 - Financial Economics

Jia you lo....every 1 who having exam this period, chiong ah!!!!!!!