Life is kinda stressful recently due to the final examinations are driving near. Every day is still the same. Slack and watch movie for the whole afternoon and start studying from evening till late at night. There are a lot of stuffs and equations to remember.

Econometrics is really killing me. I hate of maths, hate of equations, hate of statistics. But still cant help it, no matter what, I still need to work hard to get better result. Realising that there are still a lot of stuffs that we learned in econometrics that I did not understand. I don not espect much from it, just hope that I can pass this subject. At leaast, PASS.

International trade is kinda confusing. I am rivising chapter 3. There are lots of stuffs and equations turning around here and there, it really make my brain turning round and round at the same time as well. Notes are long, and of course, boring.

Money and Banking are another tough subject as well. Starting of the semester, it is still OK. But starting from the middle of the semester, it became more and more tough. Couldn;t understand it well due to the messy notes and a "not so presentable" lecturer.

Of course, my "personal life" still as messy as usual. Some times, I really feel like crying and thorw out all the things that is struggling me deep in my heart. But, just not understand why I couldn's do so. Are there still many things that I am worry about? Or, I just wan to act strong?

I miss the life before the semester start. I miss the holiday. Miss the day that I spend with my buddies, miss the FOC, and of course miss the "jalan jalan cari makan" session. Life was just nice at that moment. But, we stil need to move on and face what is ahead of us right? Hopefully I can pass all of my subjects this semester. Thanks to papa and mama who are always caring enough. Miss you guys a lot. Cant wait to see you guys...


carmen said...

well..im stressing over here too! I guess everyone is undergoin the same thing. =( I slack at the noon too but i didnt watch movie..i blog n chat..hehe..
Everytime when mentions about econometrics or stats,i also headache.I hate it.I cant fully understand all the stuffs tat i hav learnt all this time.My financial sux too!Micro even worst! ahha..seems like nth is good hor?!?! IT n computin is better compare to those maths stuffs. =.= '
Anyway, exam gonna over soon..gd luck!!

ViNcenT said...

Haha....thanks for the message. Yup,hate econometrics a lot a lot. When is your last paper? Mm....u got thinking of change course?