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Again, I am typing all these in HE220 tutorial. Life recently are kinda bad, erm.. as in a lot of things to do, a lot of date lines to meet. And it is really really not fun. Stupid 310 keep ging extra home work and presentations... ARGH!!!!! It's really not fun! And the presentation is so so near to examinations...WTH!

PHO210's assignment need to due soon and I still haven find all of my ideal pictures to print out. How How How? Need to worry about where to store my belongings after exam, we have to shift out soon...argh... Recently not that feeling well too. Feel tired, sleepy and eyes always red. Elaine said might be because of infection. Ok, we will see how tmr after seeing doctor.

Give back my peaceful day please...I wan it so so so so much!!!

By the way, to my Malaysia friend, I am going back to KL on 29th April, wee~ By flight wei... Recently air ticket are damn cheap, even cheaper than taking bus back to KL from Singapore.

K la, stop the crap, need to listen to the heck that he is going to say now...cya!

1 more month to exam

So, this is the time where you can see more and more people camp around NTU. Old and new canteen A, libraries, benches, tutorial room and many many places more.

Exams are really drawing near and there are still so many datelines to meet. Kinda stress up recently. Some more recently got abit sore throat, thanks to McD...haha..cant blame McD also, blame me for addited to McD's french fries.

The best way to destress during exam is to eat, sleep and of course CAMWHORE!!!!

Nice pictures right? I'll make sure it will have alot more!! =)

Cantemus 2009: The Beat Goes On

Yesterday was NTU CAC Choir's Concert. After preparing so long for the concert, at last, it endded yesterday. It brought is joy, happiness, satisfaction and many other feelings that I couldn't descrebe through words. I will be truly missing or my choir members and my beloved tenors because the next practice might need to wait until August this year. It will be definitely a hard time for me because I will surely miss my peeps a lot...yea...it's A LOT. Of course, I will miss our beloved Mr. Yong too.

We reach VCH about 1:15pm yesterday. Were doing rehearsal, testing out mics and lightings and bla bla bla... Oh yea, credits to our beloved helpers too. Luckily we have them to help us yesterday, yea...I owe u guys a pot of soup, will fulfill what I promised soon.

The Rehearsal

Changing Time!!! Don't any how take pictures hor

This picture was took when I am wearing my contact lense and Mic is spiking his hair

Took this picture with Dr. Lee and Prof. Lok

Concert started at 7:30. Yea, I am really happy to saw my "papa" sitting there with my god father. Thanks for reschedule your time and purposely come over for my concert, love you! 1st song was Asa Yueni. We sang with alumni. FX and YH are really great, cause its really damn freaking hard to sing the solo part for this song. Although this song is weird for most of the audience (I think), but I still love this song very very much. Next is Shinjiru. This is the song that the whole choir like the most, and we can see that the audience like it too.

3rd song was Diu Diu Dang A. Of course, I felt a bit disappointed because we couldn't do the choreo for this song. I am not sure its whether because of us or Mr. Tham, but, just a bit disappointed because we couldn't perform the "full pakage" of Diu Diu Dang A. Throughout the song, I tabbed Nic a few time, haha...why? Ask him yourself. Kmloh is a TAiwanese tribal song underlining the importance of rice as the Tayal people's source of food, income, and umtimately, life. It was OK as usual.

After the alumni (our guest choir) sang, its our turn for the remaining 4 songs of the 1st half. Animal Crackers, a song consist of 3 part: The Panther, The Cow and The Firefly. I think the audience like it, because the dynamic change were indeed dramatic. Hope that we did it better than NUS Choir,haha. Next is Seal Lullaby. Yea, as the name, it's a lullaby. Heard that some of the friend said, they really fall asleep for this song. I am happy to heard that actually, because the "lullaby" was successful.

The last 2 songs for 1st half were Bartok and Cantemus, both are Hungarian song. For the audience point of view, Bartok might sound weird because it's actually a sad and "suffering" song. But I like it a lot because the mood of the song are changing from part to part. I really can "feel" the song when seeing Mr Yong conducting it. Cantemus means To Sing. This song sums up what the choir does best - to sing with passion and tenacity.

While singing Asa Yueni, the 1st song

The Guys...

After 15 minutes break, it's time for the second half. Second half is the section where we will sing and dance at the same time. The feel for this year is something like 60s or 70s something like that. The song that we performed were You Can't Stop The Beat, I Get Around, Defying Gravity and The Beat Goes On which is a medley. It was fun to sing and dance. Hopefully our enthusiasm will imppress the audience. =)

Haha, I am impressed by Hari's pose

The last pose for the Medley

Taking pictures after the concert,cheese....

Yea, I had a blue hair day, and I love it!!!


Taking picture with Mr. Yong

With Mr Tham

Taking picture at the back stage

I personally like this pic, Ariel, not because you are pretty hor, is because I am handsome,haha

I am surprise that Ivan will do such a funny face~

After the concert, of course, it's the camwhore session. The night ends with celebrating Li Rong, our VP's birthday.. Aww...its so Xin Fu to have birthday celebration in such a remarkable day. Haha, Happy Birthday LR!!!

Happt Birthday Li Rong!!!

Today went out with father for dinner. Yeay, went to my favourite Marche AGAIN! Haha. Of course, my god father were there as well. That's why I am happy, because I can order regardless on looking at the price. Had a sinful dinner just now...yummy!!


Recently my uni are kinda weird.. Mm...maybe I should say, it's EEE school weird, or EEE's feng sui not good this year? There are 2 people from school of EEE commited suicide in 1 week. OMG!!! NTU got into news paper twice for such a shocking news in 1 week.

A student from school of EEE stabbed a proffessor from EEE and commited suicide by jumping down from 5th floor at block S1, read more for more info

A staff from EEE
were found hanging himself at the balcony on Friday night, for more information, read this:

In the same week, a student from NUS found died in his hostel PGP after drinking too much alcohol and lead to breathing difficulty:

What a tragedy. I seriously don't understand what is happening. I hope that nothing will be happen again in both university....