Europe Trip: 1st stop - Vienna, Austria

So, our 1st stop is VIENNA! The capital of Austria. As What I heard from my friends, Vienna is a very beautiful city, full of nice churches and building, and, it's true!

Our 1st night is staying at Airo Tower Hotel which is not too near to the city area. But then tranpostation there is very good, that's why it's easy to go to the city area. The weather there kinda cold but it's nice.
Scenery outside of our room

After checking in to the hotel, Mr. Yong which our instructor who went to Europe for the N-th times brought us to the city area. We saw Cafe Sarcher, which is the place that created the 1st chocolate cake, St. Stephen Church, Mozart Chocolate and lots of interesting things. We saw a lot nice food as well, especially salad and hot dogs. Kah Leong, Siow Wei, Dessy, Michael and I tried the sandwitch from a shop named NORSEE. And it's nice! Althought it is a bit expensive after converting into Sing Dollar, but we still enjoy it.

After that, we went to 1 of the restaurant nearby to have our 1st dinnerin Europe, the out look of the restaurant is nice, but the so lo. After dinner.....Practise time!!! Argh...still need to practise =.=". But we should understand that we are there for competition, so practise is a must. There are no empty room for us to practise, therefore, we practised outside the empty space of the hotel. And, it's quite embarrace to sing in front of strangers. But, it's happy that they like it, they clap after every single song we sang.... mm....shiok sendiri pulak.

Our Dinner
That night we sleep kinda early maybe because be din really sleep and rest for 20 hours and the next day we still need to travel to Olomouc. So, here are the pictures....

The street at the city area

St. Stephen Church


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'xian mu' nye saya..

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haha....don xian mu...u can go yourself next time...