=Happy Holiday=

Last holiday was kinda busy. Not only need to prepare for MSA event, but also need to go around Singapore for caroling. But, I still got myself some times to enjoy myself. Other than staying at home, I went Alor Setar, P. Penang and Malacca. Papa, sorry lo, I know I din stay much time at home during holiday, but then holiday sure need to enjoy de mer,haha.

I went to Alor Setar on 28th of December morning. It was a long journey, luckily still got Hong Kiat let me kacau, haha. Hong Kiat's family are nice, especially his brother, very very kawaii!! Actually that night was quite sad. Because that day is the day that our result release. This time result not good, that stupid 2 Econometrics caused my CGPA pull down like crazy,haih...

We went many places in Alor Setar, but all forgot the name d,haha.. Of course, we ate a lot of nice food as well...yum yum yum. The next day we went to P. Penang. The weather is very hot, but then still ok, cause got to eat lots of nice food,haha. Met Billy and Weng Kit there, of course, they ate a lot too, haha. Thanks to HK lo, for fetching me here and there. HK, yopu still the best!!! haha.... =p

The wan tan mee look very nice right?

What do you think we are doing?

Nice food in Penang, but all finished,haha...

So happy, at last can see paddi that I wanted to see for so long...

Like this picture very much!!

Hong Kiat's bro cute right?

I went to Malacca from Alor Setar on 29th night. The journey was terrible. The stupid bus is freaking cold, whole night couldn;t sleep. It also cause both of my shoulder ache until no mood to walk here and there in Malacca the next day. Thanks to Ching Seng as well for ging me a nice place to stay and bringing Ping Wan, Vway Hau and me to walk and eat around. And of course...thanks to Adrian too!! We ate Chicken rice ball, sate celup, dim sum and many many more!!! yummy!!!

Nyonya food in Malacca!

Yum Yum Yum....

Famous sate celup in Malacca

These are all the places I went last holiday. Haha,hope to explore Malaysia more in future... =)