Mid Autumn Festival

This is the place that we have fun during Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Few days back was the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year,I will have re-union dinner with others relatives. This year was different. I did not celebrate it with my parents,but with 1 of my aunt in Singapore. I felt lucky because there are some 1 who cook and take care of me. :) That day was very hazy,but we still enjoy our dinner and moon cake,haha.

The week before that,MSA were organize a Mid Autumn Festival Celebration. It is under "Area Base",means that all MSAians gather in different area and celebrate together. We eat,see performance and have fun together. Haha,we also play with candles lantern and fire crackers,haha. Fun huh?

That day made me recall my Mid Autumn Festival that used to be. Really happy that I still can have fun on that day. At least,i don feel lonely.


Esther Sam said...

wah..so good lo..although me at home..but not fun as u..boring la tat day..n cant see d moon!!! juz bcoz of d stupid haze!!!